Posted by: Xoe-B Date: 25 January 2018

No Random Girl

Photo Credits: Lee Milner

No Random Girl

I never thought that writing a blog would be so difficult. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say at first, it was just a mess of words about how excited I was to release everything I’ve been working on. I didn’t know what I wanted to achieve with my blog posts. Yet here I am, finally putting myself out there as me - and not just a random girl from the UK who sings.


As part of putting myself and personality out there, I just need to express the fact I’M SO EXCITED TO HAVE FINALLY RELEASED MY FIRST SINGLE AND LAUNCHED MY WEBSITE!!  There, it’s over. I’ve said it. Thank you.


As part of making my website I’ve had to have a photo shoot and for those who know me well, I’m pretty awkward when it comes to having my photo taken. I’m that girl that always pulls a stupid face rather than trying to take a nice one so sitting in front of a camera for 6 hours was pretty intense but I enjoyed every minute of it and cannot wait for the next one!


(Side note; Lee Milner is an amazing local professional photographer who I have worked with multiple times and has always come back to me with the photos better than I could ever ask for. If you are interested in having a professional photo shoot, Lee Milner is your guy!)


It was also pretty daunting having to film a music video because like I said, I’m the one that always pulls the funny face! Channelling my inner sass (or normal sass depending on how well you know me), I think I pulled it off. It’s not that I’m not a confident person (those that know me would definitely say I’m more than confident), it’s just the lack of filming experience that made me feel a bit weird. When it came to filming the dance section of the video, I felt much more comfortable. Having a 15 year background of non-stop dance, you can imagine that I felt much more at home filming it, despite the fact it felt like we were all going to pass out from how bitterly cold the wind was that day. I cannot thank the girls enough for helping me; I think it turned out really well!


Editing the music video was something that I’ve really struggled with in the beginning; it was taking way longer than I anticipated to upload the clips to the iMac so then I was stressing whether I would get it done it time, but I just had to breathe and do something else productive in the meantime, which ended up being college work.


The second year of college has been quite different; it’s turned out to be everything that I was going to do anyway but then college made it a task to actually do it. Handy? Very much so. Stressful? Oh yes.


Over the next couple of months I am going to be recording my debut EP. Song writing for it has been really difficult I’m not going to lie, but I have enjoyed the process, it has made me a better writer and I’m hoping that it will continue this way. I had all of the studio time booked in back in December and later on found out that I could use it as part of my final major project at college.


Seeing as that the recording of the EP will be done in two 8 hour days in mid February, I will need something else to do over the duration of the project. I am hoping that I will be able to release or at least film 4 music videos or live lounge type things to go with the songs. So I have that to look forward to!


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Hope to see you at my upcoming gigs!