Posted by: Date: 04 March 2018


The past month has been a good one for me; I have released my debut single, written a new song and recorded my first EP! I have a lot to tell you about so I better begin.


Having 500+ views in the first week of my debut single, 'I Don't Care', being released on YouTube is incredible and beyond my expectations, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! For those who have shared, streamed downloaded and watched I can't express how thankful I am for you guys, none of this would be possible if I didn't have your support. 


Now, just because my single and website have now been released, doesn't mean the hard work stops. Since then I have written a new song called ‘Wait’, and I really think you're going to like it. ‘Wait’ has got a very different vibe to ‘I Don't Care’; it's definitely got more of a darker edge to it, along with a touch of country ambiance. It's the black nail varnish compared to the pomegranate of ‘Ignite’. 


For those of you who know me well, you will know how slow I am at song writing but somehow I managed to write ‘Wait’ in about a week and have it professionally recorded, ready for my EP. 


The first day of recording was really exciting. Firstly we laid down the guitar part for ‘Ignite’ which I found very difficult as I struggle to play to a click track, so my timing was quite dodgy but we re-recorded it later in the day, once we had most of the track down. I knew the kind of vibe that I wanted and some of the instrumentation but we brain stormed some other ideas and it's got a cinematic sound to it which is really cool.


‘Quiet Down’ was the most fun of all the tracks to record. It started with the guitar tack (my timing was on point for this one as the rhythm is really simple) then we had a discussion about how we wanted the grove to sound like. The genius suggestion was 'go in the booth and hit your guitar in random places' - so I did just that. After listening to this Ryan (producer) suggested that I make some rather strange noises into the microphone; I thought he was joking at first; but no, he was serious. 


Honestly I can't imagine the groove for ‘Quiet Down’ being any different; it definitely has a similar vibe to 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You' by Ed Sheeran.


When the EP is released, let me know if you guys can hear my beat boxing! 


On the second day of recoding we recorded ‘Breathe’ and ‘Wait’. 


‘Breathe’ was interesting to record when it came to the vocals. I was asked if I could sing the octave higher in the chorus and I sounded like a chipmunk it was amazing! I also sang the octave lower which made me sound like a robot or something; all in all there are 3 octaves on the chorus! I surprised myself with that one! 


‘Wait’ was really quick to record as we decided that it didn't need anything too busy to be going on. There are no backing-vocals in this song as the melody is so strong we didn't think that it needed it. 


(FYI Ryan Gorringe is a fantastic producer based at Ford Lane Recording Studios; his email is if you wish to get in touch)


Now, I have been busy and I am organising some more music videos and live video for you along with trying to organise a launch party for my EP. To stay updated with everything like gigs and my EP launch, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list and YouTube channel and follow my social media. 


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