Posted by: Date: 01 April 2018


Guys I'm so excited I can't even describe, I'm happy to finally announce some details about my EP!


Before I go onto that though, I thought I'd update you on some other things first.


So, this week, I paid another visit to Bournemouth but this time instead of planning, we actually filmed the live lounge videos, so hopefully they will be up soon! They are going to be great quality as we used TV industry standard cameras which were very exciting and I'm even more pleased with the fact I won't be editing it (those who know me well, will know it causes way too much stress than it should)


The audio recording software we used was different to what I'm used to using, it's called Adobe Audition, it didn't actually take too long to figure it out, as it was pretty similar to Logic Pro X in terms of getting the audio settings sorted so it wasn't too bad. I was a bit concerned about background noise as there was a restaurant downstairs and it was quite busy, luckily I don't think we got any of it in the audio which I'd great.


One of the videos was an original song called Breathe which I will release the same weekend as my EP as it is the first track.


Speaking of tracking order, I can finally tell you that the order of song on my EP goes as follows;



Quiet Down




I am currently working on some artwork for the cover, and if all goes to plan, the EP will be called Ignite.


My EP will be released across all platforms on Sunday 6th May and will be available on CD to buy at my gigs. I will only be making 100 copies so be sure to come and show your support at my launch party where you will be able to get it before anyone else!


My launch party gig will be on Friday 4th May at Coast Cafe in Worthing at 7pm with a £3 entry cost on the door. There is a bar there too so it's guaranteed to be a good night! There will be support from Anabel Mather, Lisa Loggenberg and Lisa Lo who will also be playing a mixture of covers and original songs.


I'm super excited for this gig as I will be playing with a band as well as solo, be sure to bring all your energy as I'll need your help with some of the songs!


Releasing an EP of original music is something that's been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember, so you can only imagine how much I am looking forward to sharing my music with you all! I still have a lot to learn but by doing this has already taught me so much!


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