Posted by: Xoe-B Date: 01 June 2020

'Break of Dawn' Press Release on Republic of Music

Could the pandemic be the Break of a New Dawn?


2020 has been a year of people’s hopes and dreams being crushed as we start a new decade with a global pandemic and has left society fearing the uncertainty of their future. There are many things that have changed because of the lockdown, the most significant thing is the global pollution levels dropping; will this finally prove to the government that global warming is an urgent issue that needs addressing? What could life look like at the end of this pandemic?


Break of Dawn

Since spending all our time at home, Xoe-B has been thinking about her future and what that could look like. She has had a battle with mental health over the past 18 months which has knocked her confidence massively but since seeking the right help, she is now starting to be able to envisage what life might be like on the other side.

Break of Dawn was written based on a question; What if she was as confident in herself as many other people are?


Release information

Break of Dawn will be released across all major music platforms on July 26th 2020 along with a lyric video and a performance video produced herself in Xoe-B’s home studio.


Xoe-B’s story

Xoe-’s dream has always been to be a professional dancer, having performed in Her Majesty’s Theatre London West End, qualified and competed at the ISTD National Finals for 10 consecutive years and performed at the Lord Mayor’s Ball, dance was always in her heart. But her dreams were cut short when she developed a long-term hip injury in 2015 that led to a year of rehabilitation to learn to walk again. During this period of not being able to dance, she turned to music. Xoe-B has always been a part of musical theatre so music/singing has always been in her life, so discovering her passion for music that year came as no surprise. During this difficult time, Xoe-B developed her songwriting skills and began studying music at Northbrook college in 2016 where mentors like Lee Bridges (aka Drum Hacker - influencer/lecturer/business owner) and Mike Pailthorpe (lecturer/business owner) helped her to start her music career.

Xoe-B played one of her first gigs in the centre of her hometown, Worthing where she met producer Ryan Gorringe who has produced all of her music to date. After releasing her first single ‘​I Don’t Care’​ Xoe-B got many more gigs which then provided the opportunity to support Reg Meruoss and Decosta Boyce at Coast cafe. She has previously been a part of one of Worthing’s music discussion panels What’s Next? which featured Rag ’n’ Bone Man where they discussed the importance of supporting and boosting the live music scene in and around the Worthing and Brighton area.

Xoe-B will be playing at the Alternative Escape Festival in 2021 (meant to be 2020 but due to Coronavirus, it has been rescheduled) and has previously played at Paddle Round the Pier, Horsham Garden Music Festival, Sunny Worthing Business Awards and Concorde 2.

Her latest single ‘I, Never Us’ has been played on BBC Introducing, Radio Reverb and American radio station WKNY Radio Kingston.

Xoe-B was after a new sound for ‘Break of Dawn’ and was recommended by her mentor, Kairen Kemp (BBC) to work with producer Al Scott who has put a new spin on her track.

She is currently studying a BA(Hons) in Commercial Music at Water Bear College of Music where she is gaining the skills she needs to be able to be a DIY artist in the ever-changing industry.

Everything Xoe-B releases aim to be different from the last but still has her authentic and earthy sound that makes it a cohesive piece of art.

Xoe-B has a ​”unique delivery that varies from powerful chorus’, to hushed gentle lyrics and M.C. style delivery” (​ Colm Tommy Cooper Sweet, Sunny Worthing editor).