Posted by: Xoe-B Date: 17 June 2020

I want YOU in my next music video!

Hi everyone, my name is Xoe-B and I want YOU to be part of my next music video. 


As you may have seen, I have a new single called “Break of Dawn” coming out on the 26th July 2020 and as part of the release, I am releasing a music video, with a twist. Pre-Save „Break of Dawn“ HERE!


During the rather bizarre year of 2020 I think it’s important that we all have something positive to look back on. The aim of this video is to bring people together [virtually of course] and spread good vibes to as many people as possible. 


There are 2 ways you can get involved in and be a part of the music video. 

  1. Learn one of 3 routines (20 seconds long), film it and send it to me 

  2. Send me a video of something that has made you smile during lockdown


One: Learn a dance! 

My friend Bethany Barnes and I have come up with 3 different routines that you can learn. Dance number 1 is Latin flavoured, dance number 2 is for anyone with dance experience and dance number 3 is for anyone with little to no dance experience.


On my YouTube channel, I have uploaded a tutorial for each dance so you can learn one at home. It’s up to you which dance you want to do, the categories I have mentioned above are only a guide. Click HERE to go to my channel!


In the description of the videos, there is a link to where you can listen to the chorus of “Break of Dawn” so you can practice and use to dance to in your video submission. You can also click HERE to listen to it too!


Please do not feel pressured to get it perfect, as long as you are happy with it then I am happy too! 

  • When filming, please film LANDSCAPE and not portrait as this is easier for editing and fills your screens properly when you watch the final video. 

  • If you are not used to this kind of exercise, please make sure you warm and cool down to prevent injury

  • Make sure you have enough space around you when you are learning and filming the dances to also prevent injury.


Two: happy videos! 

The second option is to send me a video of something that has made you smile during lockdown (or just 2020 seeing as the majority has been spent in lockdown!). This can be anything from celebrating a wedding anniversary or birthday to your home workout or a baking a cake! 


Again where possible, please can these videos be LANDSCAPE. 



Anyone ages 17 or under will need to fill in a consent form. If you are 16 or under you must have you parent or guardian fill this out for legal reasons. If you are 17, you can fill this in yourself but please ask your parent or guardian first. Without consent, I cannot use your video footage. 


All participants appearing in the video aged 17 or under must fill in a consent form by the appropriate person. 


Please CLICK HERE for the online consent form. 


If you are 18 or over, by sending me your videos, you (and anyone else appearing in the video) agree to me using your video and face/s as part of the music video and for promotional purposes directly relating to “Break of Dawn”. Your personal information (ie name and email address) will not be shared with anyone without your permission and will be kept securely for my records. 


ALL submissions must be sent to with the subject ‘BOD music video’. Please include your full name in the email so I can match your consent form (where applicable) to your video and what video type you are submitting (ie happy memory / dance 2). 


The final day of submissions will be SUNDAY 5TH JULY 2020 This will give me enough time to edit the final video so it can be released the same day as the single is released. 


If you have any question, please do leave a comment or get in touch, I“m more than happy to help you. Good luck and I am looking forward to seeing your submissions!