Posted by: Date: 19 January 2019

2019 Goals

I know I’m a bit late with the whole Happy New Year thing but I’m going to say it anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 


I have a question for you, how many times have you made a New Years resolution and not kept it? I figured that if I write it down for everyone to see, then I have to keep to it, right?!  That’s the theory anyway…


The word resolution is a bit of an odd one to me, I prefer to use ‘goals’ instead. Goals don't make it seen so daunting or that you have to stick exactly to it, word for word. So much can change in a year that maybe the goal you set isn't suitable by the time you get round to doing it, so your goal changes. 


I’m going to be honest with you, the whole ordeal with my artist name change has affected me in ways in which I wasn’t expecting. My confidence has taken a bash and I felt as though maybe I'm not built for this kind of industry. However, I realise now I’m at university, that the music industry is where I need to be. I don’t want to settle for a “normal” job. I want a challenge and to do something I truly love.


Being a musician in this age is much more difficult than you think. I can’t just be a good singer; I need to know how to run my own business, write my own material, book gigs/tours, be a producer, an administrator, promoter, know how to keep my website up to date and the list goes on. 


Back to talking about goals, I’m going to give you a list of what I want to achieve in my music career and at the end of the year, we will see how much I have done.


In 2019  I want to:

- Learn how to play the bass 

- Become confident in using my loop pedal 

- Go to more gigs 

- Be more present on my social media 

- Post at least 4 YouTube videos

- Get past 1.5k followers on instagram

- Apply my music theory knowledge to my songwriting and covers 

SO this time next year, I will come back to this post to see what I have done and hopefully I will have smashed my goals and feel more confident in myself that I can do this and that I am doing the right thing. 


If you are struggling with New Year’s Resolutions then try what I am doing and set yourself some goals instead. Don’t say that you’re going to stop or start something, say in a years time I want to have done this.